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Organisation: Alphapark Accommodation Limited

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Alphapark Accommodation Limited

Alphapark Accommodation Limited delivers bespoke affordable suitable accommodation for ex-offenders and persons deemed to be at risk of offending. Alphapark works with individuals to address these issues by challenging their behaviour, supporting them to maintain and sustain their accommodation and enabling them to find a way back into education or employment. Thus breaking the cycle of offending. We have developed joined up working protocols in partnership with the Probation Service, HMP’s and various floating support service providers and voluntary agencies.
Alphapark work with people in custody pending release and people in approved premises that require move on accommodation. We challenge the individual’s behaviour and work with them in addressing the factors that led them to crime as well as tackling negative attitudes and substance misuse issues. Alphapark also works towards ensuring people with mental health issues are supported and diverted from the criminal justice system.

Pathways Covered



What we do

  • Deliver affordable suitable accommodation for ex offenders and persons deemed to be at risk of offending
  • Support to maintain accommodation

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How to access

Call: 01212448845