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Organisation: Benefits Advice Centre

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Benefits Advice Centre

The Benefit Advice Centre is an online Independent Specialist Advice service providing help with all areas of claiming and managing Welfare Benefits.

Our online advice centre provides users with:

Benefit Entitlement
Making and managing claim (Help in filling forms)
Challenging a benefit decision (Mandatory Reconsideration)
Making an appeal
or any other benefit related issue

Our service can be used by people of all ages all around UK. There is no postcode restriction, no referral needed, all you need to do is Register yourself online. Registration a very easy process and can be done on any gadget. We are easy to approach/contact.

Any benefit query will be answered by a trained adviser, we also have documents and video library to support users better.

Pathways Covered

Finance, benefit and debt


What we do

  • Professional independent help
  • Exclusive seminars and workshops
  • Specialist one to one Q&A services

Where we do it

Online support - accessible all around the UK

How to access

Access support