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Organisation: Compass Support Services

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Compass Support Services

Compass Support is a social business, operating in North/East Birmingham. We focus upon:
- Understanding people and communities
- Creating independence
- Offering a responsive and holistic approach to individuals
- Innovating to deliver outcomes and impact for people and communities.

Compass Support provides a range of interventions for communities including Early Years Education, Youth Provision, Careers Advice and employability support, Family Support and Family Coaching. in addition we have a focus on Health & Wellbeing, supporting people through a programme of 'social prescription' and tackling isolation on older communities.

Compass Support have a successful community facilities programme including the management of two key community hubs (in Castle Vale and Falcon Lodge) and the development of a state of the arts football facility - Castle Vale Stadium.

Pathways Covered

Education, training and employment


What we do

Employment and training advice

Where we do it


How to access

Call: 0121 748 8111