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Organisation: Evolve

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At Evolve, we offer well paid, supported, meaningful employment and training opportunities to young people (aged 16-25) affected by a range of social issues including; mental ill health, substance misuse/addiction/homelessness.

We currently have two coffee shops, one in Digbeth and one in Selly Park, where our young people train to Barista Level 3 alongside completing an apprenticeship in customer service.

We believe that tailored employment opportunities, coupled with a supportive and understanding workplace, can be crucial for people to make a sustainable and lasting change in their lives.

Pathways Covered

Education, training and employment


We offer well paid, supported work opportunities to young people aged 16-25 in Birmingham who have experienced barriers to employment. This encompasses a range of social issues such as mental health, alcohol/substance misuse, homelessness and offending. We offer our staff the living wage and they have access to our support service alongisde their employment. They are trained in house to Barista Level 3 and we aim for them to complete an apprenticeship in customer service during their employment with us.

What we do

We have 2 coffee shops serving a variety of paninis and sandwiches made in-house by our young people. We are passionate about our coffee and our staff are Barista Trained. We also have an events space which can be hired out - we also offer catering options.

Where we do it

We have two sites: one in Digbeth at the old Adam and Eve - this is a coffee shop and events space. Our second locaion is in Selly Park which serves as a 'grab and go' coffee shop. All training in done in house.

How to access

You can contact us on 0121 622 8181 or email Alternatively, you can always pop into one of our coffee shops and grab a cuppa and have a chat with one of our team.