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Organisation: Females of Empowerment CIC

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Females of Empowerment CIC

Females of Empowerment exists to inspire and strengthen women who have experienced domestic violence, in any form. We focus on improving overall well being with activities that tackle depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Through coaching and workshops we re-build and strengthen confidence, providing support and guidance to enable women to move forward with their lives. We will be offering a domestic violence support service with a different. A non-judgmental service with all of our directors and facilitators having first-hand experience and understanding of domestic violence, the pain and knock on affect it has on the family as a whole. We believe this will make us even more approachable.

What we offer

We run a 12 week The Freedom Program which examines the roles played by, attitudes and beliefs on the actions of abusive men, and the responses of women victims and survivors. Every week we will concentrates on a different aspect of the Dominator. Each aspect employed by the perpetrator looks in turn at the tactics used to control the victim, then examines the beliefs and values held by both perpetrator and quite often the victim too, and where these stem from, and finally it looks at how these behaviours and beliefs affect us as victims of abuse. Each session ends by looking at the healthy counterpart of the Dominator and has a quick look at behaviour. By the end of the program our women will feel more confident, empowered and less likely to fall back into an abusive relationship. We want to help transform their pain into motivation, and help these women achieve their dreams whether that be higher education, self-employment, advancing their careers, and why; because we have been there, and we are passionate about transforming lives and empowering women. We also offer a complementary paper day at the end of the programme.

We also offer a weekly 1:1 therapeutic coaching service . Our coaching is designed to help our clients discover what matters to them and we help them on their path to achieve their goals. We guide them on their personal growth.

We also run various personal development workshops such as; business start-up, health and wellbeing and dept & finance.

Pathways Covered

Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Sex Work


What we do

  • 12 week Freedom Program
  • Weekly 1:1 therapeutic coaching service
  • Personal development workshops

Where we do it


How to access

Call: 07427141952