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Organisation: Geese Theatre Company

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Geese Theatre Company

Geese Theatre Company is a team of theatre practitioners who present interactive theatre and facilitate drama-based groupwork, staff training and consultation within criminal justice and social welfare settings throughout the UK and abroad. We have a vision to create safe and crime-free communities and for the arts to be recognised as a powerful vehicle for individual and social change.

With offices based in Birmingham, we also work within the local West Midlands community, facilitating a group called 'Staging Recovery' which is an ensemble of performers who class themselves as in recovery. We work with the group to devise drama pieces centred on their recovery journey and they perform this in local venues.

Pathways Covered

Attitudes, thinking and behaviour


Geese uses drama and theatre techniques to allow people to reflect on behaviour and make positive changes. We work around issues that are relevant to the group we're working with in order to make the most impact.

What we do

We deliver a variety of:

  • Groupwork
  • Training
  • Issue-based performances

intended to engage with and support the most vulnerable members of society, and the professionals who work with them.

Our work is designed to encourage reflection, provoke thought and bring issues to life through drama and fictional characters.

The sort of issues we might work on, in order to encourage positive behavioural change are:

  • Violence
  • Substance misuse
  • Goal-setting
  • Recovery from addiction

We facilitate a programme called Staging Recovery which is specifically for people in the West Midlands area who class themselves as being in recovery. The staging Recovery ensemble is a group of performers who we support to create drama about their recovery journey and to perform it in local venues.

Where we do it

We work across the UK and deliver our work within secure and community settings.

We often work with prisons, the probation service, secure hospitals and local community venues.

How to access

If you'd like to find out more about our work, or discuss joining our Staging Recovery ensemble please get in touch: or 0121 449 6222