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Organisation: Networkfour

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Since 2008 Networkfour, a local Birmingham based registered charity has cared for and supported over 3785 vulnerable hard to reach young people & adults aged 0 - 40 years old.

Our award winning daily one-to-one support, advice and intervention to some of our cities most vulnerable, at risk young people and adults. Has for the last 5 years worked closely with a variety of frontline policing units such as; Offender Management, Neighbourhood Policing, Gang & Gun, Police AIG's, Internal Offender Management and Vulnerability Policing. We have 17 years of city-wide engagement working positively with many charities, city council, prisons, homelessness forums and many consortiums that positively tackle vulnerability throughout Birmingham, The West Midlands and other areas of the UK.

Our small dedicated team of staff & volunteers work effectively with each client to help them leave behind lives of poverty, criminality and vulnerability. We focus and listen to every client and their situation, before then agreeing and provide each individual with a clear care plan and the support needed to prevent them from becoming vulnerable and at risk in the future.

We then look to signpost and positively tackle the many complex barriers faced by our vulnerable client's and help them access a variety of support needs across 11 recognised city-wide pathways.

# Health
# Homelessness
# Debt & Benefits
# Offender Mentoring
# Substance & Alcohol
# Attitudes, Thinking & Behaviour
# Children & Families of Offenders
# Education, Employment &Training

# Domestic Violence
# Sexual Health
# Exploitation

Pathways Covered

Mental and physical health


Finance, benefit and debt


Attitudes, thinking and behaviour