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Organisation: Pathways Connect CIC

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Pathways Connect CIC

Pathways Connect provides accommodation and one to one support for ex-offenders, homeless and those at risk of offending. We work with our clients to tackle their individual barriers and to prepare them to move into independent accommodation.

Pathways Covered



The primary focus of Pathways Connect is to provide accommodation and high level support to those who have offending behaviour or are at risk of re-offending. The accommodation and care package that we provide has been developed to a high standard which embraces the fundamental principles of equality of opportunity.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients to gain the right skills to maintain a successful tenancy, and also, importantly, to deal with the barriers that prevent them from living fulfilled and meaningful lies.

It is the objective of the provision that residents live in a clean, comfortable and safe environment, and be treated with respect and sensitivity to their individual needs and abilities. Staff will be responsive to those individual needs and will provide the appropriate degree of care to guarantee the highest possible outcome while the client is with us. Pathways Connect will provide holistic support focusing on the needs of the individual to eliminate the barriers that stop them from making a positive contribution to their own lives, their families and to local communities

What we do

We at Pathways Connect understand the difficulties that may affect ex-offenders when they leave prison, or young offender institutions. Dealing with homelessness and life's problems can often be the catalyst that causes ex-offenders to re-offend. To this end, every resident will have an Individual Outcome Plan which which focuses on triggers and embeds personal responsibility and better coping strategies.  

We will guarantee that no client in our property will go without basic amenities that will enable them stay clean, healthy and warm, and we will ensure that all residents have access to food, clothing, linen and toiletries while benefits are established.

A key feature of our package is to put in place wrap-around services to address barriers such as unemployment, poor literacy and numeracy, drug and alcohol issues, anger problems, time and leisure management, budgeting as well as lack of self esteem and confidence. We will also offer talking therapies to help relieve and give insight into deep rooted emotional and psychological problems.

How to access

Tel: 01384253011


Please find our referral form via the website