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Organisation: The Brierley Hill Project

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The Brierley Hill Project

Befriending and Mentoring service providing targeted life support and coaching for those facing multiple disadvantage including issues with mental health, addiction, homelessness involvement in the criminal justice system and financial difficulties.

We operate a drop in service each Monday and Wednesday afternoon between 12.30pm and 3.30pm. Outside of these times we are available subject to appointment for working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis.

Pathways Covered

Attitudes, thinking and behaviour


Targeted life support and coaching.

What we do

relationship where we aim to walk with people over a period of time, supporting and encouraging them at a time of transition.

For some, this may move into coaching, improving self-awareness and helping individuals set realistic personal goals in order to improve behaviour or performance.

It is hoped that through this holistic process we recognise that to genuinely and authentically see people move on in their lives, we need to offer not just ongoing support, but progressive support.

We recognise the value of friendship in enabling people to improve their self-awareness, gain a desire to change and take action to develop personally.

We know that practical needs will need to be met to achieve progression and personal development of lasting impact, so we are committed to seeking resolution for people and will refer to other support services where needed.

Ultimately this is about seeing people move and positively progress with their lives and fulfilling their potential. At whatever point people engage with the Brierley Hill Project we want to show dignity, respect and support them to move forward and knowing they are valued and accepted for who they are and not defined by their circumstances or past.

Drop in :-

We offer drop-in services two days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays between 12pm and 3.30pm. Our services include job search help, CV writing support, free internet and one-off crisis support. Come down, grab a free cup of tea or coffee and see how we can help.

Rainbow Toddlers :-

We run a fun and friendly toddlers group where children can play and grow. Parents are always welcome to stay, receive support and meet other mothers and fathers. Our Rainbow Toddlers group runs every Thursday from 12.30pm – 2.30pm.

Food Bank :-

Struggling to pay the bills and buy food? Talk to the Black Country food bank. Bring your voucher along to the distribution point to collect a food parcel from us. Open every Monday and Wednesday between 12 and 3.30pm.

Mic Check :-

Mic Check is a session for MCing and Rap. The session is run by local artists, Mr FX and Ben Page who between them have over twenty years’ experience. People coming to this session can grow in their ability no matter what level they class themselves at. Whether you are advanced in your ability or just starting out, it makes no difference. We have a great structure to help you build up your confidence and skills. Mic Check runs every Wednesday Evening 8.30pm until 10pm.


Challenge for Change :-

C4C is a space that offers support to secondary school aged young males. Those that attend are of a hard to reach nature and are at risk of exclusion. The session has a fun informative relaxed structure that promotes tolerance and responsibility runs every Monday 3.45pm until 5pm.

Where we do it

Brierley Hill Project
South Street,Brierley Hill

How to access

Contact us: 01384 572227

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