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Organisation: The Buddy Service

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The Buddy Service

What is the Buddy Service?
The Buddy Service empowers young people to take ownership and look at ways to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

The support provided can be on a 1-1 or small group basis within the community.

The young person will be matched with a buddy based on their likes and similar interests.

The young person and their buddy will meet regularly and take steps in reaching personal goals to become more independent.

The aim is for the young person’s self-esteem and confidence to grow and for them to feel comfortable and happy with their social life so they no longer require the Buddy Service.

Please support our service as this ground breaking project is no longer being funded. Please click here to donate, however ever big all small, every donation counts.

How to contact us
Buddy Service
The Junction
141 Far Gosford St

t: 02476-631835

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Mental and physical health


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Call: 02476 631835