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Organisation: YMCA Open Door

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YMCA Open Door

We provide accommodation for young people in the Black Country aged between 16 and 25. We place them in the homes of families in the community, we have over 80 registered Hosts that allow a homeless person to stay with them and offer them support with life skills. All of our referrals come through the local authority, education or supported housing provider. We offer emergency bed accommodation called Nightstop and also a longer term option called Supported Lodgings

Pathways Covered



What we do

  • Early prevention
    A young person is identified and placed in supported lodgings while homelessness remains a risk.
  • More settled supported accommodation
    A young person who has no safe, settled home is placed in supported lodgings for up to two years, with a support plan to develop skills for life and economic independence.
  • Move on accommodation
    A young person who is ready for and needs greater independence than their current care or support package is accommodated as a lodger with a more appropriate form of support.
  • Emergency provision
    A young person, subject to passing a risk assessment, may be placed in an emergency Nightstop bed for a few days while they are being assessed.
  • Respite Support
    Young people already accommodated elsewhere can be referred for respite care from a few days to a few weeks.

We offer safe emergency accommodation for homeless young people aged 16-25

Where we do it

Black Country

How to access

Call: 0121 524 1957