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Organisation: Birmingham Youth Offending Service

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Birmingham Youth Offending Service

Birmingham Youth Offending Service is the largest metropolitan Youth Offending Service in the country, serving a population of approximately 1 million people, containing over 112,000 10 - 17 year olds.
It is staffed by approximately 270 full and part-time staff drawn from Children's Social Care Services, Probation, Police, Education, Health, Connexions and other statutory and voluntary agencies.

Pathways Covered

Children and families


This multi-agency approach aims to be responsive to local needs whilst addressing national targets. We are striving to be an accountable service that is relevant and links to the services and plans of other agencies in Birmingham in addressing youth crime across the city. Staff are trained to deliver programmes and projects that reduce offending by directly confronting young people who offend with the underlying causes of crime. This will, we believe, be to the benefit of the victims of youth crime.

What we do

It has several tools at its disposal to tackle youth offending:

  • Being able to engage with young offenders earlier, will enable the service to tackle offending behaviour before it becomes chronic
  • Systematic assessment of a young person and the factors which lead to their offending will enable the service to devise programmes which will have the maximum effect on offending behaviour
  • Working with young people in the context of their families will help parents to ensure that their child does not re-offend
  • Working with communities will help to instil in young people a sense of ownership and pride in where they live and a duty of care and concern for those who live around them
  • Working with victims of crime and organisations representing victims to ensure that their needs are addressed are carefully as those of the offender

How to access

Want To Know More?

If you want more information about the Youth Offending Service in Birmingham you can write to:

Youth Offending Service
18 Gravelly Hill North
B23 6BQ

Telephone: 0121 464 0600
Fax:0121 464 0609