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Organisation: NSPCC

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NSPCC is a child protection charity across the UK which offers a range of services and support for children, young people and families.

Pathways Covered

Children and families


What we do

Turn the Page - Overcoming harmful sexual behaviour

About this service

Turn the Page helps children and young people overcome feelings that have made them harm another child sexually.

We see boys and girls aged 5 to 18 and talk about ways to avoid harmful sexual behaviour. We do activities like playing games or storytelling together.


Parents Under Pressure - Improving parenting in families with drug or alcohol problems

Not all parents who drink or take drugs harm their children, but children living with parents with alcohol or drug problems can be at more risk of harm and neglect.

Getting parents the right help and support as early as possible is crucial in helping them to develop secure and healthy relationships with their children.

Parents Under Pressure aims to support parents who are on a drug or alcohol treatment programme. It can help them keep their recovery on track.

We help mums and dads to:

  • build their strengths as a parent
  • develop a safe, caring relationship with their baby
  • feel calm and in control
  • Learn practical parenting tips and life skills, like financial management

How it works

Parents Under Pressure is available to parents of children under the age of 8.

We visit mums and dads at home and visits are designed to meet the individual needs of each family. The whole programme lasts for 20 weeks.

 We aim to make families happier together by helping parents with the pressure and stress of looking after a young child and managing their drug or alcohol treatment.

We provide advice to parents on how to deal with challenging behaviour and how to deal with their own emotions. This includes:

  • using praise and reward to encourage good behaviour
  • developing a good relationship with their child, recognising their feelings and needs (attachment theory)
  • dealing with their emotions, allowing them to keep calm and focus on being a parent.
  • Using mindfulness to help parents

Young SMILES - Improving resilience for children living with parents with mental health illnesses

We know it can be really difficult for parents living with serious mental health issues.

Children who live with parents with serious mental health issues can be at a greater risk of developing:

  • Poor mental and physical health
  • Behavioural, social and educational difficulties
  • Maltreatment and neglect.

Young SMILES is a new intervention in collaboration with the University of Manchester, Barnardo's and the NHS which provides support for families to understand their mental health issues and improve their health and wellbeing.

It builds on our service, Family SMILES.

How it works

Groups of 4-6 children and young people aged 6-16 take part in activities which aim to:

  • Improve their understanding of mental health
  • Identify things they worry about and how they talk to their parents about this
  • Develop problem solving skills to find where they can go for help and support
  • Find ways they can move on together.

 Parents attend 5 sessions which help them:

  • Identify things their children may worry about
  • Find ways to support their children
  • Improve how they talk to their child about their mental health issues and its impact
  • Find ways to move on together.

Where we do it


How to access

Tel: 02476222456