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Organisation: Willowdene Rehabilitation and Training

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Willowdene Rehabilitation and Training

Established in 1988, Willowdene supports individuals aged 18 and over who are, or have had a history of substance misuse, offending behavior, involved in and around prostitution. Willowdene provides structured interventions day and residential services to enable individuals to live the life the were designed for.
Willowdene has a dedicated residential women's centre that provides support for women as a diversion/alternative to prison or support on release form prison, in addition to meeting the needs of vulnerable women in the community.

Pathways Covered



What we do

Since 1988, Willowdene has delivered a unique model of rehabilitation. Combining therapeutic input, vocational and life-skills training, and purposeful and meaningful use of time in a work-focused setting, this model has consistently delivered sector-leading outcomes that have underpinned lasting life-transformation in the men and women who access our services.

How to access

(01746) 718658